The initiative to import the most famous meat in the world into Italy is above all an act of love for Japan and its irreducible attachment to a centuries-old food tradition, which does not intend to bow to the logic of industry and profit. 

The Wagyu meat that we make available to other enthusiasts like us today comes from the Gifu Prefecture, in the central Japanese Alps, where splendid Tajima breed beef is raised according to the strict regulations set by the Ministry of Agriculture.
We are talking about the famous Hida, a very pure breed that could only be preserved intact in small farms hidden under thousand-year-old mountains. 

The care that these small Japanese farmers put into raising these steers is legendary, the attention to feeding is obsessive, and the quality of the meat exceeds all expectations. 

Directly from Japan, we import only excellent quality meat from the Hida area, Gifu Prefecture, A5 quality according to the specification that measures texture, grain, color, fat quality and yield. 

It is not "Wagyu-type" meat, it is not Wagyu raised in Australia, Trentino, Arizona or Spain.
It is the real Hida's Wagyu, born and raised in the heart of Japan, of the highest possible quality. 

Hida steers are born surrounded by unspoiled nature and are cared for with great love by their breeders. Men and women who with great effort make them grow in the pastures of the remote mountain valleys, watering them with spring water and growing them in the pure air of the Japanese Alps. Hida-Gyu is pure in drinking, pure in eating, pure in breathing, pure love. Love of men and women who take care of these animals with great dedication, religiously respecting them as part of their family. The intrinsic nature of the "Japanese black Hida beef" breed, with its centuries-old pure selection, is the secret to obtaining one of the best meats in the world.

This incomparable delicacy differs from all other Japanese Wagyu, it has a delicate and unmistakable flavour, soft as silk, immediately recognizable by great gourmets and lovers of excellence. The Hida-Gyu beef breeding method is very simple and is an integral and living part of the deepest Japanese culture: pure in making it drink (from the valleys sources), pure in making it eat (from pastures or natural mountain fodder), pure in making it breathe (in mountain pastures far from smog and noise) but the most important thing is pure, unconditional and immense love. The quality of Hida-Gyu meat is immediately recognized by its perfect marbling, unique and rare in beauty. Its white marble appearance hides variegated inlays inside which form, to our sight, motifs worthy of a true Baroque work of art. An unrepeatable flavor and taste, a real sensory explosion on the whole range of tastes on our palate.

Hida-gyu is unique.

Japan is the only country in the world that can register and certify an original WAGYU cattle breed (from WA: Japan and GYU: beef).

The strict conditions to be respected, for it to become the original WAGYU beef, are that it comes from a recognized and certified indigenous Japanese breed, and that it was born, raised and finally prepared for the public exclusively in Japan. All according to a precise executive protocol established by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

To obtain certification from State Veterinarians, within four months of birth the calves are subjected to rigorous checks on their state of health and, after careful examination, an identification document is issued by the doctor which will then follow the path of the 'animal. A unique Beef Identification Number will be issued for all of Japan.

Only then will a special Pedigree be drawn up which takes the origin of the calf back three generations to certify the Japanese origin, with the name of the father, mother, grandparents, great-grandparents and any siblings, with the characterizing notes of the calf and even the historical character . Japan is the only country in the world that traces every single head of cattle from birth to our table. This information is available online to anyone who purchases this beef and wants to learn about the animal's history. It should be noted that this meat has the special characteristic of having a very high presence of Omega3, typical of foods such as olive oil and cod.

Our meats will always be accompanied by pedigree certificates and direct origin from Japan, in order to guarantee all the standards sought by our customers. The auctions are followed by our employees on the Japanese territory directly near the HIDA farms, and the garments are chosen by selection and certified In A5, the highest certified quality, and marbling 10 degrees, to have the right presence of fat and lean marbling.

The unmistakable flavour, rich in aromas, makes Wagyu meat an essential experience for any connoisseur of good food. 

The practically domestic breeding of these steers, already genetically selected, the feeding with rice hay and grass, the daily massage (it's all true) which is practiced on the muscles, causes the meat to be veined with fat in an unmistakable way ( Wagyu marbling is certified) and that even these noble fats contain healthy amino acids. 

No intensively reared animal can achieve this excellence.
This is why in so many decades the traditional production system, made up of care, small numbers, sacrifice and dedication, has never been abandoned. 

In this fierce attachment to tradition, the refusal to distort the wonderful products of the land in the name of turnover, we recognize the value of the work of Japanese farmers, and we are grateful to them. 

The quality of imported meat is guaranteed and accompanied by certificates issued by the Ministry of Agriculture of Japan. 

Hida Wagyu the excellence of Japanese meat - YouTube

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